Strengthening democratic processes for the development of an institutional civic party
2021 electoral commission session
2021 electoral commission session
Dara Contreras

First regular meeting of URACCAN's electoral committee

The electoral commission appointed by the University Council of URACCAN (CUU), to work throughout the institutional election process in 2021, articulated the first regular session of discussions and consolidation of important actions to be carried out in this context.

The key issues addressed at this session were based on the development of the general budget, the proposal for the timetable and the presentation of the electoral regulations, which will be submitted to the CUU for proper approval, the MSc says. Bernadine Dixon, director of the Center for Multi-Ethnic Women's Studies and Information (CEIMM-URACCAN) and chair of this committee, "today we are working on the calendar, next Friday it is presented to the University Council for approval and there we started the electoral process at the university," she said.

In turn, Dixon emphasized the importance of these spaces for the training of the committee and ensuring the appropriation of electoral regulations, and in this way prioritizing a transparent election process, "this regulation comes with more content, with things that are better regulated than in the previous process," he stressed.

Regarding the development of a transparent electoral process, Dr. Mercedes Tinoco, delegate of the University Council in the URACCAN-Bilwi Campus to the electoral committee, says that "the most important thing about our university is that it is moving towards the institutionality and legality of all processes", adding that these same are being developed in accordance with the regulatory framework, prioritizing a democratic process.

Rubel Chamorro, student president of URACCAN, highlights the contribution of students in each of these institutional spaces to contribute to the educational model and institutional unity. In addition, he invites the student to participate in this civic festival, for the strengthening of educational processes. "We always call on students to participate in these elections, in a respectful way, always contributing to institutional development," he shared.

It should be mentioned that URACCAN will continue to strengthen these actions, for the development of a process of democratic elections and thus continue to strengthen institutional walking and Regional Autonomy.