Start election process of URACCAN's new student leadership at Bluefields campus
The process will be completed on Sunday, November 29 and will include all students from all shifts on the premises.
Josselyng Flowers

Promoting democratic and inclusive participation

In URACCAN Bluefields venue is taking place the process of elections of the new leadership of the National Union of Students of Nicaragua (UNEN), which is accompanied by the authorities of this institution, who have supervised every step, from the call to the votes. On Friday, November 27, class classroom visits began, where students were able to exercise their right to vote.

UNEN's elections will also continue for three days, ending on Sunday, November 29. Members of the university's Electoral Committee have a responsibility to visit each section of each shift to reach the entire educational community. Similarly, they have designated a ballot box at the UNEN office for the student who will fill out their ballot.

Accompaniment of authorities

Regarding institutional accompaniment, teacher Ilenia García, coordinator of External Cooperation, who has accompanied in visits to the sections, assured that "we are supporting the students in this process that they are carrying out; we have given the spaces they need for the votes to be conducted as normal."

"We have passed classroom by classroom with each group, where they were given the opportunity to actively participate in this election for the new student leadership."

Similarly, from the area of Academic Secretariat, teacher Heidi Guillén stated that "the process of organizing the student has been monitored to hold the new elections since the call and now that we are in the process of elections".

On the part of the URACCAN Electoral Committee, the young Stanford Richard, vice president of election, said that at the beginning of this process they organized the same as a committee and began registering the candidates on November 17 to advance to the presentation and election stage.

Experiences of outgoing leadership

Outgoing UNEN leader in Bluefields, Bra. Virginia Aragon expressed her appreciation to the university community during these years in this space, where she managed to fulfill actions that enhanced the students of this campus.

"During these years we work together the whole team in cultural, sporting and educational spaces; We also manage to be in the decision-making space, we are part of the University Council of the Campus, where we have you and vote as students and the next leadership will also continue in this walk of working for the students," Aragon concluded.