URACCAN, promoting sports activities based on institutional unity

By: Judith Robleto

With the aim of promoting recreation spaces among human talent, the University of the Autonomous Regions of the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast, (URACCAN), in its New Guinea Campus, participates in the IV inter-agency league of futsal with two teams made up of permanent staff, schedule teachers and students.

One of the teams currently consists of 12 players being 11 students from different careers and a worker; while the second team was made up solely of workers.

Since the need to promote sport, the Intercultural Community University has a sports area that is dedicated to motivating both permanent staff and students to integrate into the different sports disciplines that take place in the venue.

In this sense, the teacher Manuel Cruz Benavidez, coordinator of the sport area of URACCAN, in this venue, says that, "having futsal equipment is part of the planned activities, to provide spaces for students and university staff, so that they practice sport and can be recreated in a healthy way", he said.

Cruz also says that sports activities will be being developed over the course of the year, including opening more teams and especially lightning tournaments where more people can get involved.

The passion of football is lived between colleagues and working friends

For Gabriel Griffid, head of technical support and member of the "FC team of URACCAN", he is part of an institutional football team makes him feel that he is more part of it, "proud to represent her in the sports field, the support that comes in the sport and the excitement of distracting us healthy practicing something that we are passionate about to many, is very satisfying" ,

In the previous two leagues, the URACCAN teams came in second place, and this is achieved in large part thanks to the "support and encouragement that our technician (Manuelito) gives us in each match, even the mood of students who come to support us" said Griffid.

The university authorities have given uniform to the teams, since this week they start another sporting day representing this alma mater.