Academic Secretariat in planning meeting with area coordination
Coordinators of areas of the Bluefields venue during the meeting with the Academic Secretariat.
Josselyn Flores

Close of the first semester and opening of the second

Academic Secretariat of the Bluefields venue met with the coordinators of informal areas on the virtual completion process of the first semester and the strategies to be implemented for the continuation of the second, so that they communicate it to the students.

According to teacher Heidi Guillén, URACCAN has "initiated with academic areas a whole preparation of an academic work plan for the follow-up of classes, but also to finish the first semester 2020."

"In this way we developed a proposal to continue and to end the academic semester, therefore, the proposal envisages completing the classes in a virtual way, as well as partial and special examinations."

"The idea is that everyone in the student can have the information on how we're going to end this semester." The teacher also assured that for the next academic semester it is considered continuous with the virtual platform, but implementing the modality per meeting, so the educational dynamics will be divided into virtual and face-to-face classes.

Communication with the university community

To efficiently follow up on the educational process, teacher Guillén reported that the authorities have been constantly meeting with area coordinations, "where we explain, value and analyze the academic process of this first semester and how we can continue to attend to the student. In these sessions we have reached agreements that our teachers are in contact with students through different platforms, communicating each orientation that is given from the authorities."

In the same context, the academic secretary called on the university community to make her tuition for the second half of 2020.