Review of research profiles of biology graduates
Working session to review research profiles of biology graduates.
Josselyn Flores

Biology students in their process of completing studies

The area of Education Sciences and Languages, plus the area of Knowledge Creation and Recreation, Knowledge and Practices, both URACCAN Bluefields campus, and a commission of research professors conducted a working session with the aim of reviewing the research profiles of graduates of the Biology career.

It should be mentioned that these profiles are part of the process of completing URACCAN studies, through which graduates opt for their respective academic degrees. Therefore, this House of Higher Studies guarantees the quality by teachers and the areas responsible for the research corresponding to the graduation modalities.

Tracking profiles of graduate students

According to the teacher Marbella Jirón, coordinator of the area of Education Sciences and Languages, these working sessions promote the scientific and theoretical-practical perspective of research.

In the case of the Biology career, "the review of thirteen research profiles has been achieved, which are ready for those who graduated in 2019 and who are currently presenting their research profiles to continue their process of completion of studies," she said.

Completion of review.

In the same regard, the academic coordinator stated that the "full review was already completed, with approved topics and profiles; students must now proceed with the next step, which is enrollment, and continue the research process."

This session was attended by the coordinator of the area of Knowledge Creation and Recreation, Knowledge and Practices, teacher Neydi Gutierrez, as well as the teachers who make up the biology research commission, who have been an important part of this academic process.