URACCAN researcher, awarded the "Recognition of Scientific Achievement" by Conicyt
Dr. William Flores, teacher, researcher and officer of the URACCAN External Cooperation Program.
Dara Contreras

"Thank God, my family, but also my university, my alma mater URACCAN, for this opportunity provided."

The professor, researcher and officer of URACCAN's External Cooperation Program, Dr. William Flores, was awarded the first place in the category of "Recognition of Scientific Achievement", for his important contribution in the visibility of educational inequalities in the training of low-income young people in the context of Nicaragua's Caribbean Coast, as part of the call made by the Nicaraguan Council on Science and Technology (Conicyt) for the Recognition of Research and Development Scientific.

This competition, promoted annually by Conicyt, is presented with the aim of highlighting the contributions of Nicaraguan students, professionals and researchers to make new knowledge visible for human and scientific development, said Dr. Flores, who also explains the valuation process for this category in which he obtained the first place. "The aspects to be taken into account are the research of the last five years, which have had the greatest impact on the subject selected in that period. Thanks to URACCAN, we have had a projection that is related to international research," he said.

The research carried out by Dr. Flores consists in the integration of elements to the institution to offer a Quality Higher Education, to low-income young people, specifically people who are at risk of social exclusion, exposing the different realities faced by indigenous and Afro-descendant peoples, and showing great inequality compared to the context of the Pacific area , that is, it seeks to systematize the experiences found from the university itself and in this way strengthen the processes to contribute to Regional Autonomy.

Dr. William Flores thanked URACCAN for the accompaniment provided throughout this process. "First of all thank God for all the things that are happening positive in my life, my family, but also my university, my alma mater URACCAN, for this opportunity given."

He also emphasized the work of the rector of URACCAN, Dr. Alta Hooker, in strengthening the knowledge of researchers in relation to the multicultural and intercultural context of the peoples originating in the Caribbean Coast.

The award ceremony will be held on November 18, 2020, at 2:00 p.m., at the Andrés Castro del Conicyt Auditorium.