Bluefields Campus participates in National Multi-Threat Exercise
The drill was carried out virtually, given the difficult situation facing the country through COVID-19.
Josselyn Flores

Inter-agency coordinations to safeguard life

At URACCAN bluefields venue, at 10:00 a.m., the virtual multi-threat exercise was developed, organized nationally. On campus, the Institutional Risk Management, Supply and EDAN commissions met, in conjunction with area coordinators, through a virtual room created in the Jitsi Meet application.

In the development of the virtual drill, through the teacher Luvy Hernández, who is the direct link with SINAPRED, she transmitted to all participants the orientations of this entity. The statement emphasized the following:

"To all territories we present a country-level situation of a Category 1 hurricane towards Bluefields, which will be hitting coastal areas, so red alert has been decreed at the national level."

Coordination of the committees of the venue

After the communiqué, the institutional brigades of the compound were activated; the head of the supply brigade guaranteed the necessary materials prior to damage caused, such as: containers with lids to protect important documents in areas and offices; plastic bags for equipment. He also assured that everything would be in the right place to prevent damage to the areas.

The Security Commission, for its part, was activated by supporting in organization with the National Police, in order to avoid vandalism in the institution, ensuring public order for the protection of institutional assets.

It should be mentioned that this exercise was done with the purpose of ensuring internal communication with the workers of the compound and interinstitutional coordination with the relevant authorities in situations of natural disasters.

Also, due to the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was decided to carry out the exercise in a virtual way, avoiding the crowding of people in the enclosure.