National Police gives talks on traffic accidents to URACCAN internal students
A transit officer during the time of the talk.
Jindriska Mayorga

Dialogue of knowledge in accident prevention

Within the framework of institutional commitment, the university from interinstitutional relations creates strategic alliances that contribute to the good to do from the model of Intercultural Community University in the respective territories of the Caribbean Coast where it has a presence.

In this sense, the URACCAN Student Welfare area at the Las Minas compound coordinated with the National Police a meeting of dialogue of knowledge to share educational elements with the student community staying in the facilities of the boarding school, which describes the forms of prevention of traffic accidents.

The primary initiative of this meeting aims to raise students' awareness of the high mortality and the consequences of daily traffic accidents that raise the cause of mortality in the country and region, where young people are most involved in these events.

Commissioner Damian Padilla, head of Transit for the Mining Triangle, Prinzapolka and Mulukukú, gave the talk, noting that many deaths and injuries from road traffic accidents are caused by people driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and are absolutely preventable.

The police chief also made known to young inmates what Law 431 consists of, "Law on the Vehicle Circulation and Traffic Infractions Regime", and emphasized the need to change misconduct, which can be achieved from comprehensive training with the support of the family, community and state institutions.