They hold in Siuna sporting meetings between Las Minas and Bilwi, in greeting URACCAN and Regional Autonomy
These activities also allow intercultural practices to be developed among URACCAN students.
José Garth Medina

Unserting Caribbean peoples in one spirit

A total of three sports disciplines were held in Siuna in greeting the 33 years of Autonomy on the Caribbean Coast and the 26 years of founding of URACCAN, through a sporting meeting held at the Las Minas venue, where a total of 82 athletes from the Bilwi and Las Minas campuses participated.

URACCAN Bilwi won the two games he held with URACCAN siuna's delegation, beating both with 50 points each game, compared to 34 and 37 points siuna earned in the volleyball discipline.

In the sports discipline of football, men's category, URACCAN Bilwi and URACCAN extension Rosita managed to take a win on the side; in the first match Puerto Cabezas defeated Rosita 6 x 3 and in the second game Rosita prevailed 10 x 8.

In the women's category, Bonanza defeated Puerto Cabezas 4 x 3 and then Bonanza lost 0 x 3 to Puerto Cabezas.

On the recreational day two games were played in the softball discipline and in the women's category two games were played; in both encounters Puerto Cabezas defeated the performance of Siuna, in the first game 18 x 15 and in the second by the way of the nockout was defeated the representation of Las Minas.

URACCAN does not do sports competitions, it is a meeting between students who have the talent to play different disciplines and that in this process what they do is recreate themselves and know experiences of other students, said Rubel Chamorro, president of UNEN-URACCAN.