Hold briefings with students of Intercultural Medicine
Briefing with Students of Intercultural Medicine at URACCAN Bilwi Campus
Briefing with Students of Intercultural Medicine at URACCAN Bilwi Campus
Neylin Calderon

Welcome to the 2021 school year

On the morning of this Monday, February 08, 2021, an informational assembly was held with students from the II to the 6th year of the Intercultural Medicine career, to welcome them to the 2021 school year, as well as to share information regarding the institutional philosophical framework and hygiene protocol before Covid-19.

During the event, teacher Ivonne McLean, the campus's academic secretary, said that "the medical career is not easy, and you know it very well; we want quality intercultural doctors, you are privileged to study Intercultural Medicine at URACCAN," she said.

Similarly, the PhD. Enrique Cordón, vice-chancellor of this campus, urged the student community to strive for URACCAN to continue to professionalize in a relevant way, "the only way is to focus on their studies and train as good intercultural physicians," he said.

Overview from institutional philosophy

The assembly reported that from this Monday begins with the construction of the classrooms of the module of the area of Health Sciences, facilities that were also affected by Hurricanes Eta and Iota.

Dr. Ivania López, coordinator of the area, said that these assemblies are held twice a year, and have as their main objective to reflect on the mission and vision of URACCAN, in addition to the approach of administrative aspects that concern the student community, the academic offer is also made known so that they know the coordination of teachers per year , modules and subjects per semester.

According to Dr. López, the subject of student behavior in health units is also taken up, "it is important that our students have a certain behavior because that is part of the training, because they will deal with people, with patients and they must maintain ethics," he explained.

Finally, the fourth year student, Ivis López, shared that this year URACCAN maintains a process of institutional elections and, therefore, it is the duty of each student to participate in this civic festival, at the same time explained that for this year the Bilwi campus will host the Student Congress, in which the medical career has a certain limit of participants.