MINSA conducts talk time with URACCAN officials las Minas venue
Dr. Rigoberto Chávez, director of the Carlos Centeno Primary Hospital, siuna municipality, with officials from URACCAN Las Minas.
Algiers Hernandez

Interinstitutional pandemic efforts

The Ministry of Health of the municipality of Siuna continues to implement actions in the framework of the prevention of the COVID-19 pandemic, so it recently conducted a conversation with the officials of URACCAN campus Las Minas, in order to update and contextualize them regarding the progress of said virus.

"The purpose of the visit was to talk to officials about the situation of the pandemic that we currently live in the country and the world, while dismissing different doubts that they had due to false information in different media used on social networks," said Dr. Rigoberto Chávez, director of the Carlos Centeno Primary Hospital, of the municipality of Siuna.

Chávez stated that "we want to make it clear to the population and you as leaders of groups of university students that we are taking appropriate measures based on a patient care protocol, but this is not to alarm the population and to fall into despair."

Use of ancient natural medicine

Regarding the use of some home remedies or natural medicine used by our ancestors, Chávez, stated that "the Ministry of Health, for several years, has incorporated ancestral natural medicine, for this reason we urge the population to drink ginger tea with lemon, chamomile, cinnamon, which serve as a great help for common respiratory problems, which have been recommended and we continue to recommend to families , from common influenza involvements in patients affecting them with climate change."

In this sense, URACCAN has an Institute of Traditional Medicine and Community Development (IMTRADEC), which is at the service of the university and Caribbean community.