URACCAN Bluefields Language Laboratory features modern computer equipment
From rectory of URACCAN, different development projects have been managed with the identity of the peoples of the Caribbean Coast.
Josselyn Flores

Strategic management to drive relevant education in the region

Thanks to the permanent and strategic efforts of the rector of URACCAN, Dr. Alta Hooker, the Bluefields Campus Language Laboratory received new technological equipment, including 20 computers, which will be aimed at opening the Specialized English Course, which this study house teaches, with funding from the Caribbean Regional Communications Infrastructure Program (CARCIP) , implemented by Telcor, with World Bank funds and with the unconditional support of the Norwegian International Student and Academic Assistance Fund (SAIH).

This important project, which is coordinated by the Directorate of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of URACCAN, strengthens the development of the Caribbean Coast, as it is aimed at young people and adults, thus realizing the commitment of this institution to strengthen regional autonomy.

Modern equipment available to the professionalization of human talent of the Caribbean Coast

According to master Marlon Peralta, director of the Institutional Information and Communication Technology System (SITICI), these modern computers will be used "for virtual classes; the machines come with large capacity, were equipped with their electrical system, their peripheral accessories, each with ninth generation processor, 5 and 8 giga RAM, with two disks, one for systems, which makes the machine faster when working, and another hard drive for storage issues."

Peralta assures that these new teams will ensure the professionalization of young Costas in terms of their english profess. "The management was worked in conjunction with the rector and could be achieved through different sources, as well as the aim of extending this laboratory, aiming to strengthen the learning teaching processes," explained the director of SITICI.

Alluding to the current pandemic context, Peralta also stated that "students will be able to be in their virtual classes and achieve interaction with the teachers of the venue and external, now that the methodology of online classes is being implemented".

The Rectory's Commitment

In fulfillment of URACCAN's Vision and Mission, rectory continues to articulate efforts to strengthen Education and the projection of the English language among the costña population. "Our expectations are to continue to manage and continue to advance in the higher education and equipment of laboratories," Peralta concluded.