IREMADES-URACCAN continues diploma on The Management and Sustainable Use of Watersheds
The diploma is aimed at leaders and leaders of Bilwi and its communities.
Neylin Calderon

Second module: Issues of physical basin complexes and precipitation

URACCAN, through the Institute of Resources, Environment and Sustainable Development (IREMADES), in coordination with the Aqueducts and Sewerage Company (Enacal), initiated in the Bilwi campus the second module of the diploma on the management and sustainable use of watersheds of the municipality of Puerto Cabezas entitled Issues of physical complexes of basins and precipitation.

Master Lenin Green, coordinator of IREMADES in this enclosure, stated that in this new module it will start by sharing from the community mapping that identifies each of the elements raised in the theme of the module, from the approach of the community "based on sociocultural uses and historical points", he said.

Participation in the diploma

The communities that are being involved in this diploma, which will contribute to the strengthening of the capacities of the leaders and leaders of the indigenous territories involved in the drinking water project for the city of Bilwi and some surrounding communities, are: Santa Rita, Tronquera, Wisconsi, Esperanza, Likua Tara, Boom Sirpi, Auya Plisni, Tuapi, Lamlaya, Yulu , among others, the two intercultural universities of the region also participate as guests.

The contribution of universities is based from their own experiences and to exchange knowledge throughout the teaching-learning process. "This second module is designed for 3 face-to-face days, coincidentally as it has to do with precipitation issues we have also been coordinating for tomorrow to visit the weather site that we have here in the city of Bilwi," Green concluded.