They work to reopen in a first phase the restaurant and then the hotel.

By. Josselyn Flores

The University of the Autonomous Regions of the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast, (URACCAN), in its Bluefields Campus, is in the process of improving the conditions of its hotel and restaurant "Aunt Irene", being a strategic space that functions as a laboratory of the ecotourism career.

In this sense, the reactivation of the Aunt Irene hotel is also part of the university's education processes, as this is a primary space for students to have their space for their internships.

Preparation for IV colloquium

The conditioning is ensured directly from the rectory, as part of creating conditions for the reception of delegations that will participate in the IV International Colloquium of Afro-descendant, which will take place in May.

That is why it is intended to start with the reactivation of the restaurant, and after that the hotel service, detailed Dr. Alta Hooker, rector of this house of intercultural higher education, "we are seeing how to start with the restaurant and after that continue with the hotel", he pointed out.

Students at the forefront of the process

The rector noted that those at the helm of the work are two young graduates of the university, who are committed to the remodeling of the premises, and adapt it to the proposed design for the buildings made by the intercultural community university, URACCAN.

Hooker mentioned the walk of this university for years, to improve, both in the quality of higher education and in the infrastructure of the enclosures, from own funds.

The work progresses satisfactorily according to observations of the rector who has been monitoring this project in conjunction with the young people at the helm of it.