From the Bluefields Campus Science Laboratory, URACCAN produces Sodium Hypochlorite
Licda. Yelicet Hodgson, head of the URACCAN Science Laboratory Bluefields enclosure.
Josselyn Flores

Protecting the health of the university community

Complying with URACCAN's safety protocol and following the guidance of its rector, Dr. Alta Hooker, 15 gallons of Sodium Hypochlorite (NaClO) were produced from the Bluefields Campus Science Laboratory to be applied in daily cleaning and disinfection processes to protect the health of the educational community.

These hygiene manufacturing processes aim to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other diseases that plague the region. In this sense, from the Bluefields campus work has been worked on the dilution of chlorine from 12% to 4%, obtaining 15 gallons that were delivered to management for distribution and use with staff.

The Licda. Yelicet Hodgson, head of the laboratory, reported that thanks to the timely efforts of the rector of URACCAN, the four enclosures were provided with inputs to process hygiene and disinfection products, such as chlorine, alcohol and soap.

Chlorine dilution process

According to Hodgson, "the chlorine we process was diluted from a concentrate of 125 to 4%; these products were delivered by the rector Alta Hooker, with the aim of continuing to prevent contagion by COVID-19 and other viral diseases."

Similarly, the head of the laboratory reported, 70% alcohol production will be being worked on, so they have already started distilling it.

Finally, the civil service operater explained that soaps were produced as a product of sustained training in the laboratory. "During a period of training we produced solid soaps based on sodium hydroxide and vegetable oil, from which we took out 6 samples of soap, which are also being delivered to administration."