From the Psychology Laboratory of the Bluefields enclosure implement radio program entitled "Young World"
These students hope, by addressing important topics, to contribute to the social health of the municipality.
Josselyn Flores

Mental health and personal growth awareness

The Psychology Laboratory, in coordination with the Humanities area, specifically with the career of Psychology, is implementing a radio program entitled "Young World", with the purpose of raising awareness of mental health, personal growth, gender equity, among other important topics.

This programme also aims to make the general population aware of their image, identifying positive characteristics and esying the actions of others in an appropriate and healthy way. According to the Licda. Marsha Cuadra, head of the Psychology Laboratory, "you will be talking about issues such as self-esteem, then we will continue with the issue of motivation and gender-based violence. These topics will be carried out by students of the 3rd year of Psychology, who are very animated and motivated to share these topics".

Participation of students and teachers

It is important to emphasize that radio broadcasts will have the participation of teachers and psychology students, where topics of mental health and personal growth will be addressed.

In this sense, during the first programs, psychology students shared information about self-esteem, where the young Sweet Sanarrusia expressed that "self-esteem is important because this reflects on the actions that one does over time. Self-esteem," he continued, "is a process that occurs over the course of the day and in the passing of our lives."

Similarly, student Miriam Gómez stated that "it helps each of us to have knowledge, as well as to enrich ourselves, this helps us to know what kind of self-esteem we have, as well as the evaluation we can make ourselves".

Radial transmission

The broadcast of this program is done by the signal of URACCAN Bluefields Radio, 91.1 FM, on Wednesday, from 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., under the controls of the director of this station, Keydi Pineda.