URACCAN Bilwi campus financiers are trained on the new institutional database
The team that makes up the financial area of the Bilwi venue, focused on training on the new system.
Neylin Calderon

Sage Simply Accounting System

URACCAN's Financial Directorate met virtually with the Bilwi Campus Finance area to address the theme of the system's new database, Sage Accounting Simply, which will be implemented in all campuses of the university, as a way to organize data from funding sources.

According to the MSc. Danilo Rivera, administrator of the campus, the idea was to train them in the new accounting system that will manage the financial areas of all the campuses of the university. "From the Financial Directorate we have a process of monitoring, monitoring and accompaniment, framed in that we are making an order to our accounting system," the teacher said.

Rivera also said that with the Sage Simply Accounting system (the simplest way to count) some functions of institutional work were not attached. "Now, starting in July, they are asking us for our updated financial statements, as envisaged, we are now creating a database, annexing the 5 functions of the institution's work, so that budgetaryly each of the functions is implemented in the same way," he explained.

URACCAN, being a higher education institution, every day strengthens the capacities of its staff and staff, in order to improve the quality of care and comply with what is raised in the Institutional Mission and Vision. "This is going to benefit the university because we made all that package that we are incorporating into the database, we did it in Excell because that's what the National Council of Universities demanded to deliver in another format, so we've been adapting our budget execution, with this new system we're complementing it for all the information to be handled in an orderly fashion" Rivera concluded.