Collectivity and information

By: Neylin Calderón

One of the processes in which URACCAN implements its institutional principles is collective construction, respect and equity, in this context, an informational assembly was held with the graduates of the URACCAN Bilwi venue, who will participate in the graduation to be held this next November 01 of the current year.

The academic secretariat met with students graduated from the different careers offered by URACCAN at the Bilwi campus, with the purpose of informing about the scheduled date for graduation, in addition, to finish some details, such as the motto, colors of steeds, premises, among other things.

AssemblyTeacher Ivonne McLean, academic secretary, said this assembly with participants in the 20th bilwi campus graduation is to provide them with all the organizational information and plan to be made, "as we want to dress up in these 25 years of college, we also want to do our best and deliver our best professionals to society," McLean emphasized.


So far there are approximately 200 students who have already defended their monographic theses in different careers, be they humanities, legal and social sciences, education sciences, economic sciences, among others; 9 students from the Master's Degree in Public Administration and Local Development will also participate.

It should be mentioned that the motto is in charge of a commission made up of the same graduate students of the URACCAN, in addition they are responsible for finding the place where the thanksgiving cult will be held, therefore, in the facilities of the URACCAN Bilwi venue will be held the graduation.

Likewise, this event will be held in the framework of the celebration of the 25 years of the Intercultural Community University, weaving interculturality with the indigenous, Afro-descendant and mixed-race peoples of the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast.