IMTRADEC meets with traditional doctors in URACCAN Waspam extension
Meeting with traditional doctors to give comprehensive answers to the problems of our Caribbean Coast.
Neylin Calderon

URACCAN, through the Institute of Traditional Medicine and Community Development (IMTRADEC) and in coordination with the Health Sciences area of the Bilwi campus and traditional doctors of the North Caribbean Coast, work on the "Anti-COVID-19 Security Protocol with Intercultural Approach", for implementation in the Autonomous Regions. As part of this initiative, the first meeting was held with the wise and wise people of the municipality of Waspam.

IMTRADEC's teacher Loyda Stamp said this meeting addressed topics such as malaria prevention and pandemic safety measures known as coronavirus.

These activities are being carried out within the framework of the malaria prevention awareness programme, which has been affecting the communities and neighbourhoods of the municipalities of Puerto Cabezas and Waspam for several years.

"There we had a series of workshops with different groups, mainly nursing students from URACCAN and the BICU. We had an encounter with women belonging to the Wangki Tangni Organization; and there was also the participation of promoters, leaders, teachers and techniques of that organization," Stamp said.

At least 20 traditional doctors and midwives from the municipality of Waspam participated in the meeting. This initiative was done with the aim of continuing to address the issue of malaria prevention, however, "the opportunity was taken to talk to them about preventive measures on COVID-19, and to know how they as traditional doctors are preparing before (the) pandemic," the teacher said.

Waspam's sages and sages shared some data on how to prevent respiratory diseases through natural medicine. "They shared the name of some plants they use to strengthen the immune system," master Stamp concluded.