Bluefields Campus Psychology Graduates Defend Their Monographic Thesis
The jury at the time of its assessment on the research of psychology students.
Josselyn Flores

At the Bluefields compound, this afternoon the defense of the young Idalia Aguilar and Idania Gonzales was carried out, with the monographic theme "Psychosocial factors associated with the use of legal and illegal drugs in young people of the Pancasian sector 4 neighborhood, Bluefields 2020".

The students were evaluated by a jury consisting of teacher Dionis Law and graduates Lizeth Newball and Sirse Godínez.

In this regard, Teacher Narda Wilson, coordinator of the Humanities area, stated that "the presentation of these young women is very important for the university, to have new graduates who will contribute to regional regional development".

Wilson also noted that "the career of Psychology is fundamental in the context in which we are currently, it leads to actions of the good life of peoples, taking, for example, from an intercultural context some sufferings that have arisen and thus improve the psychosocial part".

"As an academic area we are very happy to continue to promote higher education in students, with educational strategies based on ensuring their learning, we coordinate with it through emails, virtual platform, among other means that have been used."

The coordinator says that "student documents are being reception and in review of monographic profiles, so the teachers in the area are committed to obtaining more graduates who contribute with their profession to society".

Experience of graduates

The young Idalia Aguilar recounted: "We selected this topic because we felt it is a social problem, affecting our young people, of whom most are inserting themselves into drug use, the feeling was because we have lived with some boys who have been classmates, close friends, for them we decided to contribute with our research."

"In the process of studying our career we were seeing topics that motivated us to realize our thesis with this approach, this helped us to set goals of helping young people in risk through projects."

In the same sense, Aguilar expressed his gratitude to his alma mater for having successfully completed his studies.

"It was a long road, but we have made it, and we are proud to have ended our career at URACCAN," she concluded.