Monographic defenses at URACCAN Bluefields

By: Betty Omier

URACCAN, from its training processes in Intercultural Higher Education, at its Bluefields university campus, carried out the act of monographic defenses.

In this sense, the Roxana Ivonne Downs and Xochit Montalván high school girls made their defense with the aim of pointing out what are the manifestations of stress in the students of the career of Psychology in Multicultural Contexts of the URACCAN Bluefields. The research study had a descriptive qualitative approach, which deepened the interpretation of auxiliary qualitative data.

In addition, high school girls Kelsy Ingram and Yolanda Garth, graduates of the Intercultural Communication Career, made their monograph defense to qualify for the title of Liciencidas in Communication

This crop was developed under the methodology of intercultural action research, which allows to generate knowledge from the vision of the wise and wise, who provided their knowledge and allowed to conceptualize the subject from their experiences, in order to know how Intercultural Communication manifests itself in the community of Raiti Pura, its communicative processes and determine the degree of influence that the media have had today in the community.

In addition, during this process the Adys Bravo Baccalaureate graduated from the Intercultural communication career, realizes its defense with the aim of knowing the history overview of the media of the city of Bluefields, under a qualitative method, for the depth of data and interpretive wealth.