Successfully completes workshop on Digital Transformation and Soft Skills for Entrepreneurs
This workshop was also aimed at entrepreneurs.
Josselyn Flores

Upgrading to URACCAN's human talent

Successfully completed the semi-presence workshop "Digital Transformation and Soft Skills for Entrepreneurs", managed by URACCAN and taught by the Nicaraguan firm with a global Thaliew approach and financed by Telcor, from the Government of Nicaragua.

The workshop involved 25 human talents from the four venues and the URACCAN Liaison Office. Six certificates were given to the Bluefields campus for participants in this campus, including teachers and students.

During the award, teacher Diala López, vice-chancellor of the venue, stated that "it is very important to us as an institution that our teachers and students have participated in, in this way we are contributing to their knowledge and skills, because it is part of the institutional philosophy of our university, which has set out to train entrepreneurial men and women".

Participants shared the workshop's experiences, what they learned and will now implement, both in business and academic fields, from this new context that has further immersed society in the use of information and communication technologies.

Experiences and contributions from participants

Mr. Francisco Dans, coordinator of the area of Administrative Sciences, said that "this topic of digital transformation is not only for computer scientists, but is also for anyone who is undertaking, whether at the product level, at the service level or has idea of projects that he wants to carry out".

"For me it has been a very nice workshop, full of learnings that awaken creativity, through which we can undertake and obtain satisfactory results in the short term and with long-term projection," the teacher shared

The student of Administrative Informatics, Mishael Huete, explained how the course gave him control in adapting his schedule and work chores to have a good fulfillment in this activity.

Huete said that "any business area must be adapted to technology, otherwise its advancement and success will be difficult, because in this new digital age every resource must be made the most of."