Digital Marketing Course aimed at URACCAN university community Bilwi campus

URACCAN and Telcor strengthen soft skills capabilities

By: Neylin Calderón

URACCAN, through the area of Innovation and Community Intercultural Entrepreneurship, together with the Nicaraguan Institute of Telecommunications and Post Office of Nicaragua (Telcor), carry out the soft skills course in Digital Marketing, at the Center for Intercultural Community Innovation, Slilma, of the Bilwi university campus.

This course involves students and university officials, as well as faculty from the Ministry of Education (Mined) and the National Institute of Technology (Inatec), and aims primarily to increase access to regional broadband networks and advance the development of an information and communication technology (ICT)-based services industry in Nicaragua and , especially in the Caribbean region of the country.

According to Sandra Rosales, project coordinator for Thaliew, Inc. "This has been an initiative of the Carcip and Thaliew program, we are giving this training to be replicated in all areas of the venue and a multiplier of knowledge," he argued.

Developing innovative and technological capabilities

For his part, Professor Víctor Zúñiga, director of the area of Innovation and Intercultural Community Entrepreneurship at URACCAN, said that the university continues to work on developing knowledge about new technological trends and the importance of certification of courses or workshops that strengthen the professions of students, teachers and academy officials, "This means that it is no longer enough to have a degree , but apart from market demands ask for certifications in specific topics and areas, this digital marketing course is an international certification," he emphasized.

In addition, Zúñiga noted that since URACCAN, in articulation with Telcor and through the Caribbean Regional Communications Infrastructure Programme (Carcip), 50 men and women from Las Minas and New Guinea have been certified respectively, adding 25 in the city of Bilwi, "Progress is needed in a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship and this culture should contribute and contribute to development with identity , economic and social to all our entrepreneurs," he added.

Course data

In this same context, this course aims to develop a business strategy focused on digitization through market segmentation, consolidate the knowledge of the 25 participants on planning and development of marketing channels in digital media and acquire tools for business optimization with a focus on digital marketing.

This workshop is facilitated by the teacher Erasmo José Sánchez Tapia, the course consists of six modules that include introduction to digital marketing, digital marketing channels, planning and developing digital marketing channels, business optimization from digital marketing and other important elements of digital marketing channels, lasting 3 face-to-face days.