Area coordinator visits the II year of Sociology with mention in Autonomy
The new coordinator during the visit to the sociology students of sabatino.
Neylin Calderon

Information about the new per-meeting and virtual mode

Teacher Elebe Williams, coordinator of the area of Social Sciences, Education, Commercial and Law, visited the class classroom of the students of the second year of the Bachelor of Sociology with mention in Autonomy, of the Sabatino courses of the Bilwi campus, to inform about the new modality per meeting and virtual that is being implemented in all the enclosures and extensions of the URACCAN , in addition to prevention measures against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The MSc. Williams said this visit focused on three key elements: first, to present yourself as the new coordinator of the area; then the incentive for the proper use of the virtual platform "as a learning tool"; and, finally, continue to promote the prevention measures communicated through the social networks, illustrative murals and various communication platforms of the URACCAN.

"The use of hand washing, the use of masks, the esttachment, also invite you not to let your guard down because this is not over yet," were part of the guidance reiterated by the coordinator.

Mutual learning through the virtual platform

During the conversation, students had the opportunity to express their concerns and some difficulties they have had in using the virtual platform. In response, Master Elebe expressed that there are many digital mechanisms where communication with URACCAN teachers must be maintained.

"This is an apprenticeship that is acquired over time; in distance learning it is a fairly new experience that we are having, well, I say relatively new, but I think as an institution we are learning more and more to deal with these situations; and students are gradually adapting to this process, to our virtual context; there are some limitations with some students, but most are already adapting to this new educational context."

Finally, coordinator Williams stressed that in the face of this new challenge as coordinator of the area of Social Sciences, Education, Commercial and Law, some plans of activities immersed in the POA 2020 should be adjusted, as these involved group assemblies and in the face of the new reality imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, all activities will move into a new process, to new modalities of compliance " these are some challenges that we need to consider in order for activities to be developed as an institution," he concluded.