International Certification in Digital Marketing to Bilwi Students and Teachers

Articulation to undertake and innovate

By: Neylin Calderón

The University of the Autonomous Regions of the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast (URACCAN) and the Nicaraguan Institute of Telecommunications and Post Office of Nicaragua (Telcor) through the Caribbean Regional Communications Infrastructure Program (Carcip) certified 25 students and faculty from URACCAN and the Ministry of Education (Mined) in the city of Bilwi, Puerto Cabezas , in Digital Marketing.

In this regard, teacher Heydi Forbes, coordinator of the Center for Innovation and Intercultural Community Entrepreneurship Slilma of URACCAN, Bilwi enclosure, where this activity was carried out, mentioned that "The cost of this course is $500 (dollars) and is being assumed from the CARCIP project, Telcor Nicaragua, facilitated by the company Thaliew, a Company of Managua", commented , adding that, by this year 2020 it is intended to continue working in articulation with this company to carry out specialization courses involving more institutions at the national level.

According to Sandra Rosales, project coordinator by Thaliew, this course has been made possible by work coordinated by the URACCAN Area of Innovation and Intercultural Community Entrepreneurship, "Working with URACCAN has been very beneficial because they have managed to deliver international certifications to more than 70 costeños and costñas, URACCAN is one of the most important venues that has the largest number of entrepreneurs , the university has a lot of potential and we know that the trainings that have been taught have been very well managed, have not been left with knowledge, but have transcended," he said.

For his part, the teacher Erasmo José Sánchez Tapia, facilitator of the five modules of the digital marketing course assured that it has been an enriching experience to work with URACCAN, "I liked the group, participatory, dynamic and, best of all, the commitment they acquired in applying the tools learned", emphasized the teacher.

Strengthening knowledge in soft skills

In addition, Wilfredo Johnson, facilitator of vocational drawing and painting courses at the Integral Educational Association for Healthy Youth in Bilwi, stressed that, despite having basic knowledge of the use and management of social media, this digital marketing course has come to strengthen that knowledge, "This will help me sell my products using the internet, as we teach young people to make art , all this can be sold online, it's going to do me a lot of good," Johnson argued.

Similarly, Carlos Manuel Duarte López, student of the fourth year of the bachelor's degree in Administrative Informatics of URACCAN Bilwi enclosure said that, "The initiative is good because it gives us the opportunity as students to be able to know new technologies, such as digital marketing, that maybe we did not know how it worked and I think it is okay to be taken into account as students" Stressed.

Innovation Center projections

Finally, teacher Heydi Forbes, said that by 2020, from the Slilma Center for Intercultural Community Innovation, there are broad projections, starting with the seasons of open innovation, taking into account that the different actors pose challenges and students immersed in these projects are looking for a solution, "We also start with the new training cycle of the new courses , likewise, we continue to strengthen students' knowledge, we will have an innovation conference, we will participate in the different events of agile innovation methodologies such as rally and ideathones, which are methodologies that allow students to strengthen the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship", concluded Forbes.