CEIMM organizes self-care and harmonization sessions with URACCAN Bluefields enclosure staff
The environment contributed to strengthening the bonds of work, solidarity and fraternity, as is part of URACCAN's Philosophy of Life.
Josselyng Flowers

Reflective spaces on interpersonal relationships

Officials from URACCAN Bluefields venue participated in self-care and harmonization sessions, organized by the Center for Multi-Ethnic Women's Studies and Information (CEIMM), within the framework of the Decolonization and Depatriarcalization project for Transformation from Liberating Education, funded by the Norwegian Student and Academic Assistance Fund (SAIH).

In an environment surrounded by nature, participants enjoyed a moment of relaxation and reflection on the importance of interpersonal and self-care relationships, also participated in dynamics, dances and board games to leave the stress caused by the work.

Projecting spaces free of violence and discrimination

Velia Sevilla, territorial technique of CEIMM, explained these spaces are promoted "with the conviction that interpersonal relationships are an effective tool to combat violence and discrimination in the university space".

"We also thought about creating a space where staff could relax, release stress and stay healthy and the way to strengthen the bonds of unity and harmony between them," she said.

"In the space we developed some reflections where we included their opinions and shared some basic tools on emotional management, interpersonal relationships and had a recreational space for them to realize that not many things are needed to manage stress but to incorporate small daily activities that can help us relax and be in our work and social spaces."

This process has been organized for three days, so that all staff can participate; the next few days will be December 02 and 03 when they will travel to the El Gabacho recreation center.

With laughter and enthusiasm, the staff of the first group to participate in this session of self-care and harmonization enjoyed the recreational and thoughtful day that seeks to foster companionship free from violence and discrimination in the Bluefields venue.