Articulation of the Research Teams Organization Plan
URACCAN Research and Graduate Session Bluefields Campus
URACCAN Research and Graduate Session Bluefields Campus
Noel Aguilera

URACCAN Research and Graduate Session Bluefields Campus

URACCAN since its commitment to contribute to the training of men and women with research capacities, who promote new knowledge on issues of interest to the community, works and articulates learning processes and dialogues, internal and inter-agency.

In this sense, the Research and Postgraduate area of the Bluefields campus, held a working session to articulate the plan of organization of research teams.

This organizational process includes teachers, students institutes and institutional centers, to design research proposals and also execute them.

According to teacher Neidy Gutierrez, research coordinator of the campus, "this whole organization is made within the framework of the institutional accreditation process of the university, since they are lines prioritized according to the International Standard Classification of Education (CINE), which at the same time is assumed by the National Council of Evaluation and Accreditation (CNEA), we as a venue since we are preparing for that process" Explained.

Within the process, the organization is also contemplated according to the affinity and experience of each research group, which will include students who will undertake in the research branch, in conjunction with teachers and institutions involved in the course of this walk.

In addition, Gutierrez added that "the purpose of creating these groups is that they fall in love with wanting to know, discover and acquire new knowledge through research, as well as obtain research products that will be exhibited in scientific days and scientific publications to the university community," he said.

The teacher also explained that this process is intended to contribute to the development of the university. Until now the organization process has four areas of knowledge including education, social sciences, business sciences and business administration and agriculture.