22 Business Administration students with mention in Tourism and Hospitality take their Undergraduate Exam
Some of the students who, despite the pandemic, are determined to finish their careers.
Judith Robleto

The evaluation process was accompanied by 6 teachers, specialists in the field.

This Saturday, August 8, 22 students from the New Guinea campus completed their Bachelor's Degree Exam in Business Administration with mention in Tourism and Hospitality, as part of one of the processes of completion of studies promoted by URACCAN. This evaluation was accompanied by 6 teachers from this campus who were specialists in the field.

According to teacher Consuelo Blandón, academic secretary of the campus, "in addition to the Monograph, a Bachelor's Exam is another form of completion of studies of this accounting career, and young people after seven months of their graduate chose the exam." Teacher Blandón accompanied the students at first of the exam, who "as a university we are achieving terminal efficiency and accompany young people with teachers of the specialty in Business Administration".

In this sense, Professor Obed Zeledón Membreño, coordinator of the accounting and computer careers of the campus, stated that "through this academic activity we are seeing the effort of both teachers and students, future professionals who five years ago entered the university and that despite the context there is an effort to be able to successfully complete their career".

The Bachelor's Exam consists of an individual assessment that covers all the knowledge acquired in each line of the curriculum, with a high degree of demand. This test raises real or hypothetical situations of different organizations, in which the student must analyze and make decisions using the knowledge acquired during the course of his career.

Eduig Efraín Martínez thanked God first for the opportunity to complete his university career and then to "the teachers who shared their knowledge to us every day and thus put them into practice, both in professional life and in daily life. Completing this process is a great achievement for each of us, because we would be training professionally and we would be company administrators, future managers of any company in the country, because we know that URACCAN has been characterized by training high quality professionals".

Meanwhile, Yuri Reyes Montano assured that "by taking the undergraduate exam today I feel more than satisfied, as it was five years of great effort, many struggles and feeling super satisfied because I am leaving one of the best universities".