Bachelor of Psychology in Multicultural Contexts

Career profile

The Bachelor's Degree in Psychology in Multicultural Contexts, integrates two disciplinary approaches emphasizing the clinical field for advice and accompaniment in mental health processes, in addition to projects that develop psychosocial components. It has as its general objective to train professional women and men in the psychosocial areas with a theoretical and practical basis of knowledge, both endogenous and exogenous, as well as research tools that allow them to understand and appropriate these processes, in order to be able to intervene with empathy for the integral well-being of the person and the collective in multicultural contexts.

Functions performed by the Psychologist in Multicultural Contexts

  • It identifies with objectivity, systematization and order the events and factors involved in psychological phenomena in multicultural contexts.
  • It develops intervention programmes consistent with the type of psychological problems it will address, as well as liabilityly implements the chosen procedures.
  • Accurately diagnoses psychological problems by selecting, adapting or developing instruments or means relevant to the nature of particular cases.
  • It effectively and rigorously applies the main techniques and procedures established for the detection of psychological problems.
  • It evaluates and contrasts plans, programs and actions of psychological intervention in a manner consistent with the methodological, theoretical and ethical criteria of psychology.
  • Designs and implements Research in multicultural contexts.

Positions you can play

  • Community social psychologist
  • Clinical or health psychologist
  • Coordinator or coordinator of public or private mental health clinics
  • Researcher or researcher
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