Institute of Traditional Medicine and Community Development

This institute permanently promotes activities that involve society at large in maintaining good health. Therefore the main actions are focused on: health promotion, prevention, intercultural health, community health, rescue and valorization of traditional ancestral medicine that includes the use and management of medicinal plants and research. These actions are aimed at students of the URACCAN University, the population at the urban and rural level, depending on the possibilities, relevant actors such as organized women, religious sector, basic social organizations and those who promote health.

Over time we have made effective progress in carrying out health messages in order to have healthy communities, demonstrating the ability to maintain cross-sectoral and inter-agency articulation on an ongoing basis, developing joint activities between the MINSA health governing institution, regional health authorities (health secretary, MINSA SILAIS), as well as with other institutions, NGGs, and social organizations that also collaborate in promoting health in the region.

Lines of Action

It was born with a prospect of revitalization of Traditional Ancient Medicine, with a view to the vindication, rescue, strengthening and promotion of this medicine, it also includes the promotion of natural medicine and alternative therapies, intercultural health, preventive health and community health.

In this the institute promulgates a spirit that contributes to the search for better health for all, therefore the purpose is to focus efforts towards a more inclusive health, where old and new paradigms in health meet and involve the implementation of holistic and integrative medicine based on the models of Intercultural care of the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua. It is based on scientific studies from which different health views emanate.

IMTRADEC's Purposes

To assist in the protection, rescue and strengthening of ancestral healing practices, through traditional medicine, respecting the worldview, spirituality and promoting the various ritúalic procedures that are applied by indigenous peoples, Afro-descendants and other ethnic groups of the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast.

Promote the implementation of intercultural health care models in autonomous regions and the active participation of all social sectors and communities on preventive health, community health, through the implementation of relevant methodologies including popular education.

Develop various academic courses that involve the training of health professionals and related areas, including traditional physicians from an intercultural and comprehensive health approach in multi-ethnic and multi-cultural contexts, based on the interscientific knowledge dialogue and with a view to improving the health situation in the region.

Instill in students of URACCAN and society in general the importance of the care of Mother Earth and the conservation of the different species of medicinal plants, mainly those that are in the process of extinction, as well as their proper use for the treatment of some diseases and to mitigate the effects of climate change on human health.

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